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You can shop our products directly from our website and there are four(4) options available for CORING family, CORING_MULIV - CORING_VITI - CORING_STOOL - CORING_TWIST. The top system-table is exactly the same for the three variations of the last one and there are options for the legs and their additives regarding the standing or sitting or no support structure.

Firstly you can select the color of CORING_TWIST "tabletop & system" (it is sold separately as well) and then you can select the type of the legs you prefer "stand", "table" and "simple" or with their additives "stand+bars" or "table+benches". You can also select CORING_STOOL which matches perfectly with the "simple" and "stand" options or our new product CORING_VITI that they are sold separately. Then your CORING product will be ready for manufacturing..!

Please beware that all the prices are Freight On Board (FOB) Athens - Greece. This means that transportation, custom duties or taxes are not included. If you need some of these services, please contact us before payment. The payment is 100% in advance of shipping and it is available only with Bank transfer, but Paypal and credit card options will be added soon... The lead time is 6-8 weeks approximately!

​Warranty of CORING_MULIV is eight(8) years limited for the container frame and for CORING_TWIST is three(3) years limited for the frame(part replacement), the monitor, rotation system, cables, etc. and two(2) years for the touch system. CORING_VITI has one(1) year warranty for the touch screen and five(5) years for the stand and CORING_STOOL haw five(5) years. Beware that warranty does not cover broken glass(which means that the touch system is damaged too) because if this happen, it means that the furniture would have been used by a non proper way. Nevertheless, 24h-reply technical support is limitless, as the CORING team commits to provide the best possible support, regardless of any warranty limitations.


We are currently looking for some well established distributors or one office furniture manufacturer partner. If you are interested in, we will be honored to contact us and collaborate!
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