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CORING is a novel brand name of the Greek design studio ubisapdesign, a studio established in 2009 by civil engineer(MSc) Athanasios Kyratzis. The main activities of the office include residential and tourist's accommodation architecture, interior and product design. The holistic approach of design methods combined with the use of new technologies and materials consist follow up the principal philosophy of the office. From interactive collaboration to multifunctional living, CORING products have this philosophy in their design DNA. 

The team supporting this project consists of professionals from different disciplines, such as structural and HID engineers and many experienced craftsmen. By making the prototype of CORING "TWIST" - our first project - we faced many difficulties and delays - but through this procedure we also managed to establish strong business relationships with our final suppliers. Thus, we are confident that our production line is set up! 


Despite being a quite new and small office, we at ubisapdesign studio can assure the construction reliability and after-sales support for the family of CORING. The triptych of our studio - reliable functional design - warranty a lifetime relationship with great potential.

for further information please contact us at or fill the form

SKYPE      ubisapdesign

MOBILE    (0030) 6973391605

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